Photo credit: Dawn Felicia Knox

Benjamin Lawson is an artist and engineer. He has previously exhibited throughout the UK and internationally including with The Natural History Museumís Blaschka collection. He has previously participated in the Pacific Northwest tree octopus internet hoax and was recently commissioned by the Austrian art technology group, Monochrom as part of their 20 year anniversary exhibition in Vienna.

Much of Benjaminís work is concerned with the subjective and fragmentary nature of scientific enquiry and more particularly with the impact of cultural paradigms on the scientific imagination.

Current work and practice utilises the implied gravitas that comes from the language of scientific visualisation to create playful work that questions the veracity of received knowledge.

Influences are many but Benjamin has a particular soft spot for the antiquarian imagination noting, that that which seems obvious in hindsight never is at the time and that human perspective, now as then, is finite and narrow, mutable by cultural circumstance.

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2001 - 02 M.Sc. Global Security, Cranfield University
1994 - 97 B.Sc. Physics, Bristol University
Selected Exhibitions
2013 Mapping the Return, Literary & Philosophical Society, Newcastle upon Tyne
Return to the Philosopherís Table, Literary & Philosophical Society, Newcastle upon Tyne
Untitled performance & installation, Late Shows, Literary & Philosophical Society, Newcastle upon Tyne
Prologue, The Gallery of Wonder: Great North Museum
2010 Factory Folk Celebration Event, Literary and Philosophical Society, Newcastle upon Tyne
Freaks, Shoreditch Town Hall Basement Gallery, London
2008 Art From The Ocean, National Glass Centre, Sunderland
Lost North,Literary and Philosophical Society, Newcastle upon Tyne
Brick Lane Gallery, London
Defector, Format Gallery, Newcastle upon Tyne
Trattles and Gealls Fine Art, Whitby, North Yorkshire
2007 Summer Exhibition, Alnwick Gardens, Alnwick, Northumberland
Gallery Glue, Tyne and Wear
Workshops & Residencies
2010 Science for artists, Made In Newcastle, Newcastle Upon Tyne
2008 Blue Reef Aquarium, Tyne and Wear
Selected Commissions
2010 Red Nile Projects, Sunderland
2009 CREST Research Group, Newcastle University, Newcastle upon Tyne